Knee Replacement Surgery Day #6

Here is a challenge.  Here on day #6, the swelling is a challenge.  I am icing more to try to get it down.  In the meantime, my home physical therapist has added three new exercises to my routine today.

And, the swelling has decreased the rate at which the motion machine rate can be increased.  Yes, I will regroup and continue to add ice between each exercise cycle.  I can get through this.

Knee Replacement Surgery Day #5

Day number five.  Today is the day I have to try to remember everything I have been told over the past few days.  And, I am trying to figure out if it was the laundry detergent or bath gel at Emory that has made me itch since early Friday morning.

So now in addition to all of my quality of medical care and continued treatment,  I have to determine if this itching will go away with the Benadryl ointment that my neighbor picked up at the local Family Dollar store.

And, this is the day that I still use the extenders on both calves at night and wear the support stocking on my right leg during the day.  And, remember not to wear the support stocking to bed.

Yes!  I believe it will be worth when I get through the rehabilitation.  Right now, I just have to pray, keep good notes, and rely on good family and friends.

It is 10:09pm and I have to determine if I have one more set of exercises and icings to do tonight.  You see, my knee appear to be too swollen and stiff to do them.

Knee Replacement Surgery Day #4

On day number four, I am home.  Yay!  One of my good girlfriends, Robbyn, who lives in Downtown; picked me up from Emory Midtown hospital yesterday after:

1) sponge bath

2) veggie omelette, fruit (forgot my grits) & hot tea

3) occphysical therapy session

4) physical therapy session

5) prayers from friends, family & church members that my blood pressure would not tank as it did in the previous sessions.

at midday and took me home.  Now it is time to get the pain meds down to right time and dosage (daily it has to be tweaked).  The instructions say 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours.  Earlier in the day I discussed it with Ms. C., my home P.T. She made some recommendations and said to call my doctor if my headache and quesyness does not decrease or go away.  That could me I need a different medicine.

Day four also means doing:

1) 6 hours of motion machine time

2) Other physical therapy exercises; 2-3 times daily

3) icing between each session

4) keeping accurate notes to keep everything straight

5) not allowing my knee to hang down too long.

It is a full day that includes lots of daily adjustments to keep everything documented as nodding off is a side effect of controlling the pain.

When I don’t feel like eating, I have to eat a snack, usually crackers or nuts to make sure I have something on my stomach when I take my pain meds.  It is a lot of work and sometimes frustrating. However, when it is over, my quality of life will increase a few notches.  Yay!!


Knee Replacement Surgery – Day 3

There are thousands of knee replacement surgeries performed across the country and in Metro Atlanta every year.  I had my first one two years ago and my second one three days ago.  And, because pain medicine clogs you up, I have never been so happy to pass gas and have a bowel movement as I was today

You see, most people tell you about the surface issues when it comes to surgery and rehabilitation.  So, I like to talk about the things that really matter.  Regardless of what kind of surgery you have, the sooner you do your number two, the better off you are.  When you are clogged up, you cannot think straight.  So, now I can think straight.  Yay!!

Since my original minuscus tear while playing team tennis several years ago, I have been challenged with knee injuries.  From talking to people who ask about my knee and noticing others who walk with a limp, it is unfortunate that many clearly need to have knee or hip replacement surgery.  Some people do not because they do not have insurance, are afraid, or need to lose weight prior to the surgery.  Regardless of the reason, it is a lot of pain to endure. And, the pain medicines wreck havoc on your body.

I will keep you posted on the status of my surgery and rehabilitation.  This may encourage more people to do what they need to do to improve their quality is life and get their knee or hip surgery.



Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

IMG_0142.JPGJust as many of us are excited that 2016 is behind us, we are more excited as we look to the new year of 2017 with high hopes and expectations.  It is always good to list what we expect from the new year, review monthly, adjust and keep pushing forward.

Life is always filled with unexpected twists and turns even with the best plans.  Therefore, we need to expect challenges and regroup when they occur.  In the words of Mary Kay Ash, a very wise woman and successful entrepreneur, “When things come up, don’t change the goal, change the date.”  Wow!  Now we have permission to shake off our frustration and simply set a new date to accomplish our goal(s).

‘Most people do not plan to fail, they fail to plan.’  So, write down your 2017 goals and get to work to get them accomplished.  Time will past whether you have a plan and a purpose for this new year or not.

In addition, most of us get more done and are more effective and efficient when we have a list.  Case in point, a grocery list is a “must have” when grocery shopping. Write it down. Whether you use pin and paper or the note feature on your phone. Please!  Write it down and use your list.

Now let’s get moving and make 2017 your most productive and exciting year ever!!