Effective Voter Registration Includes Voter Education

It is great that so many voter registration initiatives are being done across Georgia and the nation. They are registering tens of thousands of new voters. However, we need to package voter registration with voter education since typically only 30% of new registered voters actually vote. By educating them, more will actually vote.

This voter education could be as simple as giving each new voter a post card or flyer with information that includes: 1) date of next election(s), 2) how to get information on candidates, 3) why it is important to vote down the entire ballot, 4) what to do if they do not get their their voter registration card before election day, 5) early voting dates, 6) what I.D. to take to the polls, 7) what numbers to call and websites to check (Secretary of State and local community group) if they have questions or problems, 8) their right to vote a provisional ballot if all else fails, 9) how to find out who their elected officials are and what they do, and 10) there are elections every year that are all important for them to exercise their right to vote.

When people are given enough information, they are more likely to follow up and follow through by actually casting their ballots.

When people do not have the right information, they are more likely to blow it off as not important.