Take Your Love One to the Doctor


For those of us who know people who need to get serious about their health, today is the day that you do not worry about being polite.

Here is a clip from the “Take Your Love One to the Doctor” segment from the Tom Joyner Morning Show.  Wife of Chris Paul says it all as she explains how signs of stroke can be different…so stop being polite, tell people what they really need to know to save their life:


Health is wealth.   Whether you, or someone you know, need to:

1) lose 50+ pounds

2) learn healthy food choices/eating habits

3) get moving (exercise can help you get off those pills for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. with doctor supervision).

Make the necessary sacrifices to improve your qualility of life… TODAY!  No more waiting until Monday to start fresh.  Start TODAY!!


Great Tasting Food That’s Good for You


For several years, I have been searching for restaurants, farmer’s markets, and grocers that have healthy food that taste great.  Because I know that we are what we eat, I started this search knowing it would be a challenge.  Over the past seven or so years, several grocery stores have added healthy food sections, over priced alkaline water and organic selections.  Even Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Sevananda do not satisfy my search.

I was surprised at the high prices at the fresh produce market at the Five Points   MARTA station.  With a different set of vendors at the West End MARTA station, the prices are much more affordable.

For days that I simply do not have time to cook, I need to find good food that is not fried, vegan food that tastes good and is kind to my wallet.


Online and word of mouth searches were painfully slow.  However, I had to persist.  Even on days like yesterday, when I came frustratedly close to going to a drive-through window for chicken fingers.  Just as I stopped at the traffic light at Fairburn Road and Campbellton Road, I saw a restaurant.  Then, I remembered the owner attending an NPU meeting several months ago and inviting us to try his recently opened, Sadiq’s Bistro.  The next thing I knew, my car was pulling into the parking lot.  As I walked in, I was greeted by a nice setting and a warm smile from the waitress.

While browsing the menu, I almost fell off my stool.  To my amazement, most of their entrees are vegan.  Wow!  I did not remember the owner saying they had vegan food.  After ordering the fish bowl with five vegan items, I could not wait to get home to try it.  After taking one bite, my taste buds were immediately excited.  It was simply delicious!!


So, I invite you to try Sadiq’s Bistro for delicious food that is good for you.  Open seven days a week, be sure to go by soon.  Here is the link:




Who Needs Vitamin Supplements?

IMG_0929.JPGIt has been proven time and time again that the typical American diet does not give us all the vitamins and miners we need. So eating raw foods like salads (not drowned in dressing) regularly is not enough.

To determine if you need supplements requires more than a single trip to the vitamin aisle or a quick internet search.  This link on Dr. Andrew Weil’s website is a simple one page synopsis about “Why Supplements Are Needed?


This Consumer Reports link give you several articles:


Also know that most of us know we are deficient in several nutritional areas.  We may even know what we need, calcium, CoQ10, multivitamins, etc.  However, it may be a good idea to be sure about the dosage you need.  Case in point, I knew I needed CoQ10 to help build my immune system.  I started taking 60mg daily.  However, after a thorough medical evaluation, it was determined that I needed 200 mg daily. So if you need supplements, see your doctor or health care provider to determine what you need, how much you need, and whether it may interfere with anything you are currently taking.

These Mayo Clinic articles will give you more insight on supplements:





1) If you don’t feel your best, you can’t do your best.  If you are a bread winner or caregiver or both; you could go to an early grave because you are not an Energizer Bunny.  So take care of yourself.

2) Eating the right foods, exercising and taking care of yourself does not mean you will not get sick or develop a chronic illness. What it does is allow you to recover faster.  And yes, I can testify to that as a breast cancer survivor.  Even my doctors could not believe the texture of my skin through numerous rounds of radiation.  They could not believe how good it was compare to their other patients of all demographics.

Yes. Your body is your temple.  Take care of it now.  At the point when you need it most, it will take care of you. And as we continue to have birthdays, we realize the importantance of our “quality of life”. Do you want to be wheel chair bound, sickly, unable to drive and totally dependent on others?  Or, do you want to be healthy enough to be 80 years old and run in the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race, as one my usher board members did earlier this year?

It is your decision. You can decide to work in a preventive  mode as you do with your car maintenance. Or, later you will either say, “I am glad I did.  Or, I wish I would have taken better care of myself”.

Taste Good and Good for You


Eating good food is imperative to how you look and feel.  While only a small percentage of the population is has a high metabolism and can eat anything without gaining weight, most of us have to watch what we eat.  If not, it will cause devastating consequences.

I love to eat. And I have figured out how to avoid most food fast and get healthy food fast.  One of my favorite places to indulge is at the euro-styled Metro Fresh restaurant at 931 Monroe Drive, Atlanta across the parking lot from Trader Joe’s. The photos above were some of today’s delicious dishes.

I usually get the three item special with a multigrain roll.  My favorite dish there is the Thai Peanut Veggie Trail Salad.  Since the menu changes every day, it is best to check the menu if you want to know what  treat you are going to enjoy in advance.  Metro Fresh post their menu daily by 6am. Often, I simply go without checking online, eager to try  new dishes. I have yet to be disappointed!!

So it is critical that we give our best efforts to eat healthy and seek out the healthy food restaurants and healthier foods in our grocery stores.  If you are not healthy, you cannot fight against wrongdoings, or on behalf of your children, grand children, other family members, or friends.

We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat”.  It is true!!  So what did you eat today?  Did you plan it?  Or, do you simply grab whatever??