Hello, I’m Sherry B. Williams from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a four time survivor of breast cancer, a health and wellness contributor, and an education advocate.  I have lived all over the country, have been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, worked for fortune 100 companies and have always been actively involved in my community.  The names may change, yet the games are the same. So, my blog aims to connect you to your power.

Therefore, the purpose of my is blog is to give you information that will allow you to connect to and use your power. You will find tips on local and national topics that are designed to inspire you enough to move to action and take personal responsibility for what happens in your life and your community.  If you do not know what to do, you do nothing. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution in every aspect of what is going on in your life and community.  The squeaky wheel always gets the oil.  Your voice and your actions matter.  Your silence allows you to be a victim.  Your voice and your action gives you power when you are fully informed.

Research indicates that people spend more time planning for a vacation and buying a car than they do keeping up with what is going on in their community (monthly, quarterly, or annually), city hall, and state Capitol.  Politics are local. Local zoning laws determine what you can and cannot do on your property.  Local transportation initiatives determine which streets get paved.  The mayor appoints the police chief. The police chief determines whether racial profiling and bogus traffic stops are allowed. 

The information in my blog is specifically designed to inform and show how to claim your power.  If you are not using your power, someone else is using it. Half of success is showing up!!  When you show up, you use your voice and power to advocate for what you want and need.  You know more about what your communiy wants, needs and should look like than any outsider.  So, you need to be in the room/meeting when the plans are being made. You need to be on the email distribution list(s) so you know when and where the regular and special meetings sre being held.  If you cannot attend monthly, go quarterly. You and your neighbors can take turns attending and updating each other about what is happening in your area.  

Regardless of how expensive your house, condo or car are,  you still need to know if there is a crime spree or unsafe situation in your community and areas you frequent, BEFORE you or your family members become victims!!  This blog will help you become proactive instead always wondering “how did that happen?”

In the words of Ghandi, ‘Be the change you want to see.’  Stop waiting for someone else to save you.  Superman/Superwoman is not coming.  If connected to the right information, you can use your power to positively change and help your life, family and community become safer. Businesses want to locate in and people want to live in safe communities.  Safe communities do not just happen.  Whether you are in Buckhead, Beverly Hills, CA, Martha’s Vineyard, Scottsdale, AZ, or the west side of Atlanta; someone is making a security plan ro keep residents, workers, and tourists safe.  If they are not discussing this at your community meeting, it may not be thriving and growing. Yet, it could be. 

In addition, if you are sick, you cannot fight. So, being a cancer survivor, I am an advocate for affordable and accessible healthcare.  Since I know first hand what it is like to have a preexisting condition and be unable to get healthcare and medication, I periodically will include tips on the status of health care and give health tips.

You can find out more about projects I’m involved with at:

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