Pain Medicine

Since I have had three surgeries on my left knee and now one, last month, on my right knee;  that resulted in a lot of knee pain and there was some pain medicine involved.

So, from the 1990’s until now, like many other surgery patients, I have successfully managed the excruciating pain from the initial injury while playing team tennis to several post surgery recoveries.  So why is it that some get addicted to their prescription pain meds and others do not? This became the subject of a debate I had with a friend who questioned why a surgeon would give pain medicine for 40 pills when the follow-up appointment was in seven days.  This personal thought 10 pills would be enough after major surgery.

Many of us have heard of people who become addicted to prescription pain meds.  From celebrities to family members to friends, the problem has become epidemic.  Are some people more likely to become addicted to pain meds than others?  Of course.  Who are those people? Could you be at high risk of becoming addicted?  How would you know?

These are all good questions.  You might want to do some research and talk with your primary care or internal medicine doctor for yourself and family members.

About ten years ago, a friend of mine, Pami was having severe migraine headaches.  After numerous trips to the emergency room, the doctors accused her of trying to get pain medicine since they could not find the source of her migraines.  Well, several months later, Pami was diagnosed with brain cancer.  So, what is the moral of that story?   Not sure.  How do you tell who is trying to get  pain meds because they are addicted from those who simply need the correct diagnosis??  It is complicated.  It is also complicated for a doctor to determine how much of any pain medicine  each person/patient will need until after they have tried one or more or are allergic to the drug or any of its’ ingredients.

What are your thoughts about the alarming increase in local and national opioid (pain medicine) addictions?

Have you ever been addicted to pain medicine?

Knee Replacement Surgery – P.T.

I just started my second week of out-patient  physical therapy (p.t.).  It is really hard. And, it is painful.  Even though I do my exercises at home as required, it is still painful.

However, one day at a time, I know I will get through the pain because so many people (friends, family and church members) are praying for my healing.

Knee Replacement Surgery Rehab – Week 3

Three weeks ago today, I was released from the hospital after my knee surgery. It has been a painful journey. I look forward to getting through this tough stuff.

Today my physical therapy session was grueling.  Was so glad when it was over because I was hurting. The good news is, ice is my friend. I have a really good refillable ice bag. Yay!

Knee Replacement Surgery – Day 14

One step forward, two steps back.  Over the past couple days, that what seems to be going on with me on pain management and controlling the swelling. With more swelling, more ice is required.  That also means less time to do my exercises.  Some days the pain medicine won’t let me stay awake. Whether inon the phone, reading, or checking email.  I sometimes fall asleep sitting up with phone in my hand.

With temperatures in the high 60’snand just a little rain, I put on makeup and💄 As I prepare to go to my orthopedic surgeon.  It is my first timenournofnthe house since I came home from the hospital.  Jean, my Mary Kay sister took me to doctor. I got a ride back from Mary my EBC Usher Board sister.  Her appointment with same doctor was right after mine.  On both occasions, I rode in the back seat so I could put an ice pack on my knee.  And, that decreased the pain and amount of time my leg throbbed from hanging down.

There were several “pinches” felt as the P.A. removed the surgical covering and removed the staples.  There must have been twenty five or thirty of them.  Whew! Some relief after removing them and placing surgical tape strips over the incision site.

My doctor’s recommendation is to stop home physical therapy and to start outpatient surgery tomorrow.  He wants more time and variety of excercises to get on track for my knee to bend more.

My doctor also said I am to stop using the knee motion machine and pressure cuffs on my calves over night. This changes my original plan that he suggested (before surgery).  So, I am good with any changes that allow me to get my “knee stroll” back as I lose the pain.

It is what it is and I cannot wait to get on the other side of my knee rehabilitation. Please send your healing prayers my way.  Thanks!!



Knee Replacement Surgery – Day 11

Another nice day outside.  Thanks to an NPU community leader, that I called to ask about improving the lighting outside a local  post office, I got my package and mail from my P.O. Box today. Yay!

I received a dozen “get well” cards.  I treasure each one of them and the special hand written notes scribbled inside each of them.

Because the post office closes at 5pm during the week and 1pm on Saturdays, it is hard to find someone to pick up my package for me. Most people I know work and cannot get there before the post office closes.

One of my neighbors called to say she was going to Kroger and she wanted to know if I needed anything.  I got spinach, blue berries, and pears.  So, for a second time, I got to go to the door to experience the nice weather…but only for a moment. How grateful I am for the opportunity.  Standing too long results in more swelling, throbbing and pain.

For much of the day, I continued to do my physical therapy exercises and track my  numbers between sleeping on and off.  I am so glad that the way the “knee motion machine” works, it does not matter if I fall asleep.  It is very gentle, continues to work and allows me to get in 6-7 hours most days.  The exception is when there is too much swelling. That changes everything!!



Knee Replacement Surgery – Day 10

It has been over a week since my total knee replacement surgery.


It appears that I am sleeping away the time…And, that never sits well with Type A’s, as myself, who prefer to be “in charge”.  For the past few days, I have been desperately trying to develop a schedule.  Ha ha!!  That is a joke!!

When I’m awake, I try to focus.  That usually lasts for….Hmmm…each time is different.  Just have to take it day by day and hour by hour.  It is truly humbling.

I want to publicly say “thanks” to all my family, friends, church members, and neighbors who are pitching in with prayers, errands, encouragement and more.  I am grateful to have so many kind and caring people in “my  village”.

As I am looking at the time, and trying not to nod off, I realize my home physical therapist will be here later.  That means I have to get my next group of  exercises done BEFORE she arrives.

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

Knee Replacement Surgery Day #7

A day filled with challenges. Each day is totally different and mostly unpredictable.   In-home physical therapy company called with follow up/check up questions about my status that included:




Swelling amount?

Pain level?





Icing between exercises?

Confirmed date of post surgery follow up doctor appointment.

Confirmed co-payment cost per in-home visit,  type of payment and payment due dates.

Other questions or concerns?

It was 65 degrees and sunny outside as I looked out on this last day of January.

Good friends and family check in mostly via text messages.  Mom does not text so she called before going to Bible Study.  I reminded her to thank her church members for their prayers.

And, for all my readers:   Kind words, good news, and prayers of healing are truly appreciated.