Georgia Voter Information – 2017

Register to vote online here:

Qualifications for registering to vote in Georgia:

Elections calendar:

Other important information for Georgia voters (including a voter registration which can be printed out) can be found here:

The next elections will be held in Atlanta on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.  Google the candidates and also visit: for forums where you can hear and meet the candidates.   We will elect:

  • Atlanta Mayor (current Mayor Reed is term limited and cannot run again).  So far there are 12 candidates (Six of the 12 candidates are current City Council members).
  • All Atlanta City Council seats are up for election.
  • Atlanta Public School, School Board Members.  All seats are up for election three are open seats because the current Board Member is running for another position.
  • Fulton County Special Election to replace Joan Gardner, District 4 Commissioner who lost her battle with breast cancer in April.
  • Fulton County Special Election for Commissioner Chair John Eaves if he resigns to run for Atlanta Mayor.
  • Final qualification is August 25, 2017 for all candidates for all positions on the November 7 ballot.
  • Visit (or google “my voter page”) to get a copy of the sample ballot as early as mid-October so you can google, study and discuss the candidates with your circle or influence and be prepared to vote the entire ballot during early voting, by mail, or in person.  Yes! You can take a copy of the sample ballot to the voting booth as long as you do not share it with other voters inside the polls.


Other Georgia Elections on November 7, 2017:

  • Visit for other candidate forums in Georgia so you can meet and hear candidates BEFORE you vote.


Links above can also be used for details about:

  • Sample Ballots requests.
  • Vote By Mail information for all elections in Georgia. 
  • Early voting at any early polling place within the county where you live.
  • Election day voting must be done at your polling location (which often change).
  • Making sure you have not been purged from the voting rolls BEFORE registration ends (around October 1).


For elections in other states on November 7, 2017:

  • Google or call your state’s Secretary of State office.
  • Start a conversation and share on your social media platforms about candidates so you can decide together who to support and why they deserve your vote.


One thought on “Georgia Voter Information – 2017

  1. Delayed on MARTA train at Garnett station for 45 minutes after getting on and off three different trains. No announcements were made despite PA system on each train car. What is up with that?

    Modern technology allows us to communicate. Why would they not use it?

    Now that we finally made it to the West End Station on the south bound train to airport, lots of people are frustrated about the possibility of missing their flights, including airline crew members.

    MARTA please keep your riders informed. Please update your website about delays. How difficult would that be?

    If you want to attract new riders, you have to improve customer service significantly.
    Now that I finally made it to my station, I have missed my entire yoga class 😦

    The good news is all the passengers were frustrated yet calm. We made new friends while wondering what the long delay was all about. 🙂

    Not one MARTA staff person at my station to ask about the delay. The one bus driver I asked said, “I’m a bus driver, I don’t know anything about trains.”

    Hmmm. What’s up with that?


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