Compression Hose Countdown Delayed

It has been about six weeks since my total knee replacement surgery. I have been counting down the days until I no longer have to struggle with the daily task of putting on my thigh high compression stockings. However, I have found that wearing them a week of two longer could be beneficial.

Hmmm. Compression stockings are hot and somewhat uncomfortable. This is especially true during the last few weeks of Atlanta’s recent 90 plus degree temperatures. Well, today we got a reprieve with lower temps in the high 80’s and low 80’s. Now, I can not complain since now it is more tolerable.

I will keep you posted about when I will be free of my compression hose.

In the meantime, today at physical rherapy, I was pur on the bicycle for the first time. While I thought I could diddle for 15 minutes, i found our after five minutes, the physical therapist was right, you have
To start slow.” Wow! That five minutes felt as though it was 20 minutes.

Charleston Remembers All 9 At Rev. Pinckney’s Funeral

As the six thousand seats quickly fill in the Charleston Sports Arena for Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, there are thousands more outside who are not able to get inside.

It is still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that nine days ago someone filled with hate would plot for six months to “kill Black people”. Correction, to ‘kill innocent Black people’. It is hard for most people to comprehend why a 21 year old could be filled with so much hate. However, after reading what is believed to be his manifesto, seeing his photos and other web postings, some questions are answered. And, there are some who question if a 21 year old actually wrote that manifesto on his own.

One thing that was pointed out on one of the radio talk shows is this: the year the confessed killer was born is the same year South Africa held its’ first free elections. Also, one of his web photos show him wearing the apartheid South African flag and the flag of Uganda (Uganda was previously Rhodesia ruled by a ruthless dictator). Another web photo shows him holding the confederate flag. These are just a few of the many symbols of racism and hate among the confessed killer’s web postings.

What is often true about life is, bad things do happen to good people. So, we may never understand this killer, why people are racist, why people think they have the right to suppress those who are different from them, or why America refuses to have a real conversation about racist peopls, racism, and race. Perhaps this tragic event will finally force America to have the discussion.  And, perhaps it will force non-Blacks to finally face the fact that we do not  live in a post-racist or post racial America. They need to acknowledge and deal with the fact that the elephant is still in the room.

I often say, “The reason why The Lord made all of us so different was to see how we would treat each other.  Wow!  Many are flunking.”

As the Emanuel A.M.E. Church family forgives the killer and continues to hold funerals for all nine faithful members, let us all ask ourselves:  1) What am I doing to help my family, church, and community excel?  2) What can I start doing today to help my family, church and community excel?  3) What can I do , and what am I willing to do different as a result of this and other injustices in our community?

As President Obama eulogized Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, he began singing the hymm, Amazing Grace.  It was quite appropriate. And, it was quite moving to hear what a kind, caring, courageous, and tireless advocate for the less fortunate this father, husband, minister and State Senator was. While Rev. Pinckney will be missed, it is clear he will not be forgotten.

Wearing Compression Hose in 90 Degree Heat

It will not be long until I no longer have to wear thigh high compression stockings. While they are necessary after many types of surgery to help prevent blood clots, they can me very uncomfortable during the heat wave we are currently experiencing here in Atlanta with temperatures in the low 90’s.

Also, in my search to find the right size, compression and brand, I have become a compression stocking (hose) expert. Whether searching online, at local drug stores, or at local medical supply stores, the prices are basically the same. However, it is challenging to find thigh high, the right size and compression that will actually fit comfortably and stay up. The original brand I bought before surgery were too small after surgery because of all my swelling and bruising.

So, for the first few days, I wore them, the stocking only went half way up my left thigh (my surgery leg), stopping right in the middle of one of my painful bruises. It was with a strong sense of urgency that I find the right size from a local retailer to replace these ill-fitting ones. Prior to surgery, there is no way to know how much swelling I would have. Eventually, it was the Jobst brand at “Crew Outfitters” on Virginia Avenue (across from Delta Airlines), and “The Pretty Place” across from North Lake Mall where I found the right size. While I could have bought my Jobst compression stockings online, I would have had a delay in returning them if the fit was not right.

Since my total knee replacement surgery, I have had to wear compression stockings and take aspirin to help decrease the risk of getting blood clots. It is a temporary inconvenience.  So, for now, I continue to struggle to put these stockings on daily. Yes, it takes a while to get them on because they fit tight. They are designed to fit snug.

As I faithfully attend physical therapy and exercise through the pain, I am joyfully counting down the days that I no longer have to wear these compression stockings.. Only six more days. Yeah!!

Taylor Swift Pushes Apple to Play Fair

CBS NEWS, reports ‘Apple Gets a “Swift” Kick’ (from Taylor Swift). She got Apple to pay artist full royalties. Go Taylor!!

Apple had a plan to launch a new program where they put artists songs on iTunes and sis not pay them royalties for the first 90 days. Well, Taylor wrote them to complain and was holding back her most recent song. In essence, she waa advocating for the entire industry. This change has the potential to help artist get better deals for future royalties.

Who says you can’t fight the big guys and win??  Well, you will never know unless you complain to those who have the power to change it.

This is a BIG DEAL!!  It really helps small struggling artists. Though other big artists will benefit alsoas well.  The example given was Pandora played the popular song “Happy” 43 million times and the royalty check paid to Pharrell Williams was only $2,700.  Hmmm.

Days 25 & 26 – Progress After Knee Surgery

Sherry on the CPM machine three times daily for two hours. Part of her home therapy after total knee replacement surgery.

Sherry on the CPM machine three times daily for two hours. Part of her home therapy after total knee replacement surgery.

It has been quite a journey since my total knee replacement surgery last month. I have had use of a CPM machine, an at home physical therapist, and now I have progressed to physical therapy sessions at an out patient facility.

While physical therapy is challenging, I take it seriously and look forward to getting range of motion better than before the surgery. I am very excited to report that I graduated from a walker to a cane, thanks to my wonderful home physical therapist.

On Friday, I requested a less powerful pain medicine to one that does not affect my cognitive capacity. It is so refreshing!  Wow!  It has made a big difference, yet it is still effective on my knee pain.

To help prevent blood clots, my compression hose and daily aspirin are working well. Completely by accident, I have become a compression hose expert. There are so many types of compression hose, brands, styles, and sizes; yet so few retail outlets carry them. As I resorted to shopping online, I was so overwhelmed, it took me two days to try to sort through it all.  In the end, online prices and local retail prices only varied by a couple dollars (pretty unusual). They are all pricey.  And, I was finally able to find the right compression, size and fit at My Pretty Place across from Norrhlake Mall.

Also, thanks to special friends, family and church family, I do not have to worry about household chores, grocery shopping, laundry, meals, or a ride to my doctor or physical therapy.  I thank The Lord for my “village”.

Have you or anyone you know had knee replacement, hip replacement or any type of surgery requiring home help and months of physical therapy? If so, what tip(s) can you share that can help others?