Early Voting Starts Oct. 16

Today, October 10 was the last day to register to vote or change your address for the November 7 mayoral and other special elections.

There are many reasons to vote. And there are twice as many reasons to early.  Early voting starts in Georgia on October 16 and goes until November 3.  Be sure to check your local count for specific dates locations and times.

if you live in Georgia’s largest county, here is all the information you need to vote including how to get a “sample ballot” straight from a Fulton County elections press release:

Fulton County Posts Sample Ballots for 2017 Municipal General and Special Elections:

Early Voting Begins Monday, October 16th

Fulton County’s early voting period for the November 7, 2017 General and Special Election will begin on Monday, October 16, 2017. Sample ballots can be viewed on-line at http://www.fultonelections.com. Residents are encouraged to visit the website to review candidates prior to Election Day, November 7th.

“We have posted the ballots on-line for the upcoming election to allow residents the opportunity to review the candidates running for office,” states Richard L. Barron, Director, Fulton county Department of Registration and Elections. “It’s always a good idea to review the ballots prior to heading to the polls in order to be familiar with the ballot layout.”

Voters must present an approved form of Photo Identification, as required by Georgia law. During early voting, any voter may cast their ballot at any early voting location.

For more information on voter registration and the upcoming 2014 General and Special Election, log on to http://www.fultonelections.com or 404-612-7072.

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YMCA Hosts ATL Mayoral Forum

IMG_1480.JPGTonight eleven of the twelve candidates for Atlanta mayor are sharing their message on why they deserve your vote. The Andrew & Walter Young YMCA on Atlanta’s south side is known for well attended events that educate local residents on political and health & wellness issues.

Moderates by retired journalist, Monica Kaufman Pearson, who was well prepared for this diverse group of mayoral candidates.

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris in Atlanta

California’s U.S. Senator Kamala Harris joined First Congregational Church, in Atlanta, today as the speaker for their 150th church anniversary. It was quite a celebration.

“Sister Senator” is how First Congregational’s Pastor Dwight D. Andrews affectionately referred to Senator Kamala today.  She is the Senator that called out Jeff Sessions for his conduct.  And in Sessions’ own words in response to her probing questions, “You’re making me nervous.”

Senator Kamala spokenabout justice, truth, hope and why we need to press on. She is working with Senator Rhan Paul to revise the repressive bail nond system across the nation.  She is a courageous and passionate attorney.  A graduate of Howard University undergrad and U.C. Berkeley Law school.  The daughter of a Black father and mother from India, she has faced her share of social and business attacks. Senator Kamala was the first Black elected as California’s Attorney General and second Black female elected to the U.S. Senate.

Her address to the congregation today was filled with hope as she vowed to continue to speak truth to power and to do what she can to make a difference to reverse the assault on fairness and justice in this country.  The Senator helped inspire the audience for 150th anniversary for this very active social justice church.

Thank you “Sister Senator”!