Early Voting…The Best Way to Vote!

Early voting started in Georgia on October 17 with long lines all across the state. That is a good sign that we will have a record turnout! Also, the more people who early vote the less likely it is for them to have problems that cannot be resolved before November 8.

Voting early is the best way to vote. That is because if you have a problem, there is time to resolve the problem before November 8 to insure your vote is counted.

If you have not voted yet, visit: http://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov

to get a copy of your sample ballot so you can download, view and print it. Then discuss it with your friends and research online the 15-20 items on the Georgia ballot. This allows you to vote the whole ballot, not just for president as more than 50% of voters do. You can even take a copy of your ballot to the polls with you.

When you vote for president and leave the rest of the ballot blank, it is like taking the quarterback to the football game and leaving the other 10 players at home. Politics is a team sport.  Voting the whole ballot also means you make sure your voice is heard on local races that affect our daily lives.  In this election, the local races include;  district attorney, solicitor, state senator, state representative, MARTA, and the four proposed constitutional amendments. It is really serious when proposals are made to change the state constitution.

Early voting dates are October 17-November 4.  The website above will also give you the list of early voting locations with dates and times that includes two Saturdays and two Sundays, if you live in Fulton or Dekalb county.  All other Georgia counties have at least one Saturday for early voting.

So, get a copy of your ballot, encourage your friends and family to do the same and cote alll the way down your ballot as an informed voter!!