Preservation of U.S. History


In the midst of the national debate about confederate statues, we must take the discussion to new heights here in metro Atlanta.  As an Atlanta native who has lived all over country, it is unfortunate that the other cities valued and preserved their historic structures while Atlanta continues to tear them down without a second thought. Initially I thought it was because there are so many people here from other places that they don’t care??  Yet, at least half of our current City Council members (many have served 2-4 terms or 8-16 years), the Council President and the Mayor are natives.  Hmmm. So, how could this continue to happen on their watch??

A recent column written by metro area writer Maria Saporta, complete with reader comments, asks several other good questions about preserving local Atlanta history.  This history includes the precious home of Grace Towns Hamilton, the first Black woman elected to the Georgia Legislature and daughter of George Alexander Towns; an educator and man my elementary school was named after.

Grace Towns Hamilton in the House Chamber of the Georgia Legislature.  (Source GA History Center)


Grace Towns Hamilton House in grave need of preservation. (Photo by Brandy Morrison.)

Maria’s article also includes African American buildings as Morris Brown’s Gaines Hall and Atlanta Life Insurance Company’s first home on Auburn Avenue. I applaud Maria for pulling together this important story because the sale and tearing down of two historic Atlanta churches to make room for a football stadium still makes me sick to my stomach.  And it makes me question why other historic churches all along Peachtree Street were built around like the church across from Colony Square.  And, how about the church next door to the Fulton County Courthouse on Pryor or the one across the street from the State Capitol on Washington…just to name a few.

I believe you will enjoy this article. And, I hope you will think of how you might be a part of a movement to preserve the African American and Civil Rights structures included in the article as well others across the state.

In conclusion, here is information about Pascal’s Restaurant.  It’s where I walked on rare occasions after being on the tennis courts all day at Washington Park, if I had money for one of their famous fried chicken dinners in the 1970’s.



Paschal Brother’s Restaurant & Hotel. Owned and used by Clark Atlanta as a student dorm until 2004.


This is an important quote from the 2013 article in the link above about how Paschal’s can be preserved;

“If the city of Atlanta can consider sinking money into a new football stadium to draw tourists to the area, shouldn’t it also invest in restoring Paschal’s and its surrounding neighborhood, which may have even greater tourist potential?”

The question now is:  Do we care enough to preserve it and similar important historic structures??

Thanks in advance for leaving your comments and sharing this blog. The more people who know, means more who might help with a full scaled preservation project.

How the Amazon Purchase of Whole Foods Affects You

Whether you shop at a Whole Foods or not, what Amazon is about to do with its’ newly acquired 500 plus stores affects you.  According to Melody Hobson of Ariel Capital Management and the TJMS “Money Monday’s” segment (on Atlanta’s KISS 104.1 FM), these 500 stores are located in America’s riches zip codes.  That combined with its’ five million Amazon Prime customers gives it leverage to change the grocery store business and affect how and where you shop.

Cincinnati based Kroger recently lowered their grocery prices and eliminated their 5%  senior discount on Wednesdays.  In an all out price war with Walmart, Kroger is not satisfied with their 9% market share.  Being the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart has 20% of the grocery market.

Here is the link for Melody’s segment about Amazon.  It will broaden your vision on how Amazon is aggressively increasing their market share and changing how we buy everything.  Now they are focusing on groceries which will affect the entire industry:

Money Mondays: How Amazon Just Made Groceries A ‘Whole’ Lot Cheaper


Buying a House is More Complicated Than Ever

According to Mary Gill, the WAOK 1380AM radio real estate expert, now is not the time to pay cash or put down a huge amount when you buy a house.  That advice can be misunderstood because in the past, it was the thing to do.  Now, with home prices being somewhat inflated, there is a high probability of you losing all your money until a market correction is made.

More to come…

Houston Holds On

After receiving a year’s amount of rain within two days, Hourricane Harvey leaves Houstonians and other Gulf Coast residents stranded in several feet of water.  Often called the 500 year flood, the media and social media is reporting it is much worse than what we see.  Houston mayor and Texan Governor.,,

King Statue Unveiling Draws Huge Crowd

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Early this morning with mild winds and a temperature of 70ish degrees as thousands gathered with the King family, elected officials, and other VIPs to witness the unveiling of the MLKingJr Statue. Others looked on from the south windows of the twin towers office building across the street.  It is appropriately situated placed on the east side of MLKingJr Drive at Piedmont Avenue and Capitol Avenue.

The mood of the crowd was festive, optimistic, and excited.  Dozens of news media and photographers jockeyed for best positions to get the best shots. The King family attendees included:  Christine King Farris (sister), Rev. Bernice King (daughter), and Farris Watkins (great granddaughter).

Hank Aaron Supports Kaepernick

Hank Aaron was interviewed by Roland Martin of The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Black America and and TV One.  He quoted Jackie Robinson on the flag, protests, statues, etc. The video on the link below allows you to see the interview of the home run king telling why he supports Kaepernick:

Hammerin’ Hank Aaron Stands With Kaepernick

What do you think about Kaepernick not being able to get an NFL team to sign him?

Do you agree with the call to boycott the NFL until a team signs him?