Knee Replacement Surgery Day #5

Day number five.  Today is the day I have to try to remember everything I have been told over the past few days.  And, I am trying to figure out if it was the laundry detergent or bath gel at Emory that has made me itch since early Friday morning.

So now in addition to all of my quality of medical care and continued treatment,  I have to determine if this itching will go away with the Benadryl ointment that my neighbor picked up at the local Family Dollar store.

And, this is the day that I still use the extenders on both calves at night and wear the support stocking on my right leg during the day.  And, remember not to wear the support stocking to bed.

Yes!  I believe it will be worth when I get through the rehabilitation.  Right now, I just have to pray, keep good notes, and rely on good family and friends.

It is 10:09pm and I have to determine if I have one more set of exercises and icings to do tonight.  You see, my knee appear to be too swollen and stiff to do them.

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