Knee Replacement Surgery Day #4

On day number four, I am home.  Yay!  One of my good girlfriends, Robbyn, who lives in Downtown; picked me up from Emory Midtown hospital yesterday after:

1) sponge bath

2) veggie omelette, fruit (forgot my grits) & hot tea

3) occphysical therapy session

4) physical therapy session

5) prayers from friends, family & church members that my blood pressure would not tank as it did in the previous sessions.

at midday and took me home.  Now it is time to get the pain meds down to right time and dosage (daily it has to be tweaked).  The instructions say 1-2 pills every 4-6 hours.  Earlier in the day I discussed it with Ms. C., my home P.T. She made some recommendations and said to call my doctor if my headache and quesyness does not decrease or go away.  That could me I need a different medicine.

Day four also means doing:

1) 6 hours of motion machine time

2) Other physical therapy exercises; 2-3 times daily

3) icing between each session

4) keeping accurate notes to keep everything straight

5) not allowing my knee to hang down too long.

It is a full day that includes lots of daily adjustments to keep everything documented as nodding off is a side effect of controlling the pain.

When I don’t feel like eating, I have to eat a snack, usually crackers or nuts to make sure I have something on my stomach when I take my pain meds.  It is a lot of work and sometimes frustrating. However, when it is over, my quality of life will increase a few notches.  Yay!!


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