Kids Suffer for Life from Kool Smiles Dental Procedures


Kool Smiles Dental clinics pay $24 million in a lawsuit for unnecessary Dental procedures on kids in a Medicaid fraud scheme.  However, there offices are still open and no one is going to jail.  Hmmm.

This is another reason why second opinions matter.  These dentists preyed upon the poor and minorities.  Their offices seem to be strategically located throughout Minority communities have Black pictures on the walls and have toys like Chuckie Cheese.  Quite an inviting and fun environment for kids, these parents do not know enough to question the procedures recommended by the Kool Smiles dentists.

On the Tom Joyner show this morning, Sherri Shepherd said this happened to her when she was a kid.  Later when her mom took her to a different dentist, he asked, “Why did you have those procedures done?”  Her mom in disbelief responded that she had no way of knowing the procedures were not needed.  Sherri went on to describe the procedures and how it has affected her as an adult.

In Sean King’s investigation, he says this horrifying Kool Smiles investigation is akin to the Tuskegee Experiment.  How sad.  Read the entire story of Kool Smiles lawsuit in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution in this link:

Has this happened to you, your kids, or grand kids??


South of I-20, Ft. McPherson Redevelopment is Finally Taking Shape

After more than a decade of back and forth between the U.S. Army Ft. McPherson (Ft. Mac) representative, GA Gov. Sonny Perdue’s input in 2005, community debate, and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed bringing Tyler Perry to the table; the redevelopment of his 445 acre site is finally a reality.  Since officially closing in 2011, southwest Atlanta and East Point neighbors along with the Ft. Mac Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA) are finally able to see their efforts materialize.  Though there were numerous disagreements and lawsuits along the way, project is moving forward.

Borrowed from the Ft. Mac LRA newsletter during the MLKing, Jr. week of activities, this is a short “must read”:

Celebrating Martin Luther King’s Vision of a “Beloved Community” at Fort Mac
There’s an old adage in Atlanta shared by the local real estate community – “don’t develop south of I-20.” This conventional wisdom, inculcated by race issues and still buttressed today by economic issues, has created a tale of two cities in Atlanta, one prosperous, and one left behind. This dichotomy is especially frustrating given Atlanta’s status as the birthplace of the American civil rights movement and the hometown of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, investment has begun to return to the area, but not yet at large scale. However, the time is now here for a bold, catalytic project in South Atlanta that will shape and define the City for the next 100 years by transforming underserved communities into the “Beloved Community” envisioned by Dr. King.

Here is information about the next public meeting:

Fort Mac LRA Community Engagement Subcommittee Meeting:

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
5:30 PM-7:30 PM
Fort Mac LRA Office
1794 Walker Street Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30310, United States

(Must have state ID or driver license to enter.)


For more on what is going on st Ft. Mac, how you stay abreast of the progress, or when you can attend their public meetings, visit:


Call:  (404) 487-6767



M.L. King Jr. Weekend at Ebenezer Baptist Church


All across the country, there are events and service projects to celebrate the M.L. King, Jr. three day weekend.  Among those   celebrations were words to depict how Dr. King’s dream is still needed in today’s political climate.  These words were from remarks made by San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who is visiting Atlanta this weekend.


In her emotional remarks today at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Mayor Cruz described how difficult it is for Puerto Rican residents to function without electricity/lights for over 100 days and how devastating it is for even those who need chemotherapy, dialysis, or other critical medicine or medical care.


Nonetheless, the resilience of the people is remarkable.  She went on to say they really ‘need more than paper towels thrown at them…we are all brothers and sisters who need each other to survive natural disasters and the challenging aftermath’.

Pastor Warnock’s “off the chain” sermon was entitled, “In Times Like These”.  He told us in his usual picturesque, intellectual and prophetic tone said “There is too much division or not enough vision.  Don’t let politics get on the way of vision.  Warnock spoke of the “volcanic eruption of hate speech from the White House… Then the ‘same dude’ issued a proclamation for Dr. MLKing Jr. without an apology, so that’s hypocrisy MLKing Jr. And, he gave us a call to action to do three things to get out of this situation:

1) Listen for the call

2) Lift up the call

3) Live in the commitment

For details and to get the entire powerful sermon on DVD or CD, visit or call (404) 688-7300.

Tomorrow’s M.L. King Jr. Day festivities include:

1) the King Annual program with international social justice speakers at Ebenezer Baptist Church at 10am on Monday, January 15, the King National Holiday,

2) The MLKing Jr. Parade that steps off in front of the church right after the King program about 1:30pm.

In the above photo, left, Ebenezer Pastor Raphael G. Warnock looks on as Mayor Cruz gives remarks to the capacity crowd at the 11:30am service.


University of GA, Not Just Football

As the University of Georgia (UGA) begins to cope with its’ last minute loss to the University of Alabama (UA), we should all note that today we should remember another important historical event.  On this day in 1961:

“Mobs of white students riot and school officials suspend Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes after they became the first Black students to integrate the University of Georgia.”

Charlayne is now, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, an award winning journalist who has worked for several media outlets including: The New Yorker magazine, The New York Times newspaper, National Public Radio (NPR), and CNN.  She is the author of “To The Mountaintop”.  She currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and periodically visits the U.S.

About a year ago, Charlayne and her husband visited UGA to announce a donation to the school to fund scholarships for journalism majors. What a way to give back!!

Hamilton Holmes, M.D. became a podiatrist and died in Atlanta in his early fifties.

While many spent time talking about how important the UGA-UA game was to metro Atlanta.  Let us know that UGA is known for more than just football.  Yes. They made it to the National College Football game.  Many will remember the names of the players on both teams.  UGA also has an important place in history for the state of Georgia and the nation in the integration of the school on January 9, 1961.

Many will remember the names of the players on both teams. How many know about Hunter-Gault and Holmes??  Let’s talk about and remember them for making history and making a way for Black students and made it possible for Black student athletes to attend UGA, UA and universities across the nation.


Quoted Source:  Equal Justice Initiative 2018 calendar. To get yours, visit:

Farewell to Atlanta TV Anchor Amanda Davis


The crowd who came to celebrate the life of Atlanta TV Anchor Amanda Davis was well over the 2,500 seating capacity of Cascade United Methodist Church on the southwest side.

The upbeat service was short and sweet with four powerful speakers:


Ambassador Andrew Young and his wife Carolyn gave personal remarks about Amanda’s spirit, love and ability to overcome her demon. Then commended CBS TV46 for giving a second chance by hiring her.


Paul Ossman, 25 year co-anchor with Amanda for the FOX 5 TV Morning Show, tearfully spoke fondly of her as a professional who loved her work and was easy to work with.


Melora Rivera, Amanda’s only child, bravely spoke through tears about how much she loved and will miss her mom and best friend.


This group of Atlanta’s African American TV and radio personalities came to celebrate Amanda’s life. This is yet another testament to all the love people had for this amazing woman.


The lobby of Cascade United Methodist Church after the funeral is filled with well wishers. Amanda Davis touched so many over her 62 years.  She will be remembered. May she rest in peace.

Homeless Camp at Local Post Office


As most people did today, I put on several layers before venturing out in the 29 degree Atlanta weather.  Nice and warm. I warmed up my car,  turned on the heat and drove over to the Ben Hill post office to drop off mail.

However, when I entered the door, a peculiar odor was in the air.  I discovered there was a homeless man camped out there. He startled me.  Seeing the look on my face, he said “M’am, you know it’s real cold outside.” I agreed.. Knowing he needed  transportation to the  City’s closest warming center over at the Old Adamsville Rec Center on M.L. King,Jr. Drive at DelMar Lane, I called Atlanta Police Department (APD) Zone 4 to ask if they could send an officer or someone to take him over to the warming center.  The officer said, ‘of course they would’ and she thanked me for calling.


When the Officer Polencia arrived, he spoke politely to the homeless man who said his name is Dave.  Dave said he is an Army veteran who is waiting for his friend who lives a few houses down to get off from work who he stays with overnight.  Polencia offered to take Dave to the warming center, but he refused saying he is okay.  Polencia told him he could not stay there.  Dave assured the officer he was going to leave.


I left and checked five hours later at 9:20pm and not only was Dave still there, but another homeless guy was also.


This is not good!  Unfortunately, these are  not the only two homeless people in southwest Atlanta.  So, I sent an email to Councilman Andre Dickens, NPU-P Chair Reginald Rushin and CBS 46 TV.  They all responded within minutes.  Yet none of them mentioned transportation to the warming center.  With a shortage of APD officers, do we really want them to run a shuttle service?

With no one else to call, I called Zone 4 again. This time I spoke to Sgt. Bowers who said they would send someone over.

So, is Atlanta a city too busy to have a plan in place for transporting its homeless to warming centers when we experience frigid temperatures?  This is winter. Weather forecasts are pretty accurate.  Frigid temps are always in the forecasts.  Where is the plan?  Where is the compassion from our city leaders?

Tomorrow there will be an Inauguration for The new Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms.  This is her district until then. Will her successor, councilwoman-elect Marci Overstreet, and the other city council members (half are new) devise a plan to help our most vulnerable citizens?

Time will tell whether Atlanta will be too busy to devise and implement a plan.  Will you hold them accountable??