Knee Replacement Surgery – Day 3

There are thousands of knee replacement surgeries performed across the country and in Metro Atlanta every year.  I had my first one two years ago and my second one three days ago.  And, because pain medicine clogs you up, I have never been so happy to pass gas and have a bowel movement as I was today

You see, most people tell you about the surface issues when it comes to surgery and rehabilitation.  So, I like to talk about the things that really matter.  Regardless of what kind of surgery you have, the sooner you do your number two, the better off you are.  When you are clogged up, you cannot think straight.  So, now I can think straight.  Yay!!

Since my original minuscus tear while playing team tennis several years ago, I have been challenged with knee injuries.  From talking to people who ask about my knee and noticing others who walk with a limp, it is unfortunate that many clearly need to have knee or hip replacement surgery.  Some people do not because they do not have insurance, are afraid, or need to lose weight prior to the surgery.  Regardless of the reason, it is a lot of pain to endure. And, the pain medicines wreck havoc on your body.

I will keep you posted on the status of my surgery and rehabilitation.  This may encourage more people to do what they need to do to improve their quality is life and get their knee or hip surgery.



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