Social Justice Ministry Training at Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church

Last night at the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, a diverse group of about 70 people gathered to get trained on “HOW” they can “do something” instead of just sitting on the sidelines watching all of the injustices going on in Atlanta and the nation.

It was a fun learning environment filled with Biblical examples as the King’s decree to kill the Hebrew boy babies that was compared to senseless unarmed shootings of Black men. This informative night also included voter education, a game of “Know your local elected officials”, what they do and HOW the laws they make effect our current and future quality of life.

In addition, the group learned how public policy decisions effect residents’ ability to get access to resources to improve their economic well-being… our ability to get better jobs, job training or capital to start or expand a small business.

Each of the modules offered included one or more action items!

The Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church is training advocates to stand up for social justice.  We are among several local groups who have stepped up to train and lead those who want to stand up for justice.

At the same time, a couple miles away, Attorney Miley Davis, held a training class at the GA State Law School to train protest observers, attorneys to work with protesters, and other legal topics.

Be a part of the 21st Century Social Justice Movement in Metro Atlanta. Get trained and get involved. Freedom is not free. It has to be maintained and protected. In the words of Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see.”

Take the time, learn the system, make the short term sacrifice for long term gain. Stop talking about how bad things are.  Get trained move into action.  Too many of us are riding on the coat tails of our ancestors work.

To become a part of Ebenezer’s Social Justice Group, email your request to:




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