800,000 Still Without Power in Metro Atlanta



While crews scramble to restore power in metro Atlanta and across Georgia, it was good to spot this Georgia Power truck in the area!!



Other signs of normalcy as the winds and rain decrease:  the U.S. Post Office has resumed mail delivery, MARTA buses are back in service, and Xfinity (cable company) is out handling cable outages.


While many are venturing out, it is still treacherous with so many areas still without power.  Those headed back to Florida are being warned there are no hotel rooms and availability of gas between South Georgia and Orlando is not good. So, stay put where you are to give service crews more time to safely clear ALL roadways. The more cars out on the streets, the less safe it is for  GDOT, GA Power and service crews to restore

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Commissioner today on NPR radio 90.1FM (via my battery powered radio), there are about 150 traffic signals still in need of being repaired or replaced.  There are still trees in roadways and power lines down creating dangerous situations. Georgia Power says every region in the state has had outages and they have over 6,000 people out working to restore service which could still take up to a week to get everyone’s restored.

My friends in West End and my cousin in East Point had their power restored early morning or late afternoon, yet now their internet is down.  Meanwhile, I am patiently waiting and praying for my power to be restored before dark.

Stay safe.

Ben Hill Post Office


This picture of our beloved Ben Hill Post Office, at 2260 Fairburn Road in souhwest Atlanta, was taken on July 9, 2017. Earlier today, it still looks the same.  It is totally unacceptable for this window to remain boarded up!!

So how long does it take to replace a U.S. Post Office window after a car drives through it??  When will it be replaced?  Why won’t Congressman John Lewis’ staff return phone calls after a month of voice mail messages have been left and  emails have not been acknowledged?  Why won’t this station’s Postmaster return calls?

Anyone who knows and understands the “broken window syndrome” knows that this broken window is a bad sign in an otherwise decent neighborhood.

Do Post Offices across the city and state have the same delayed and ignored responses when their community leaders make inquiries?

We need answers as rumors throughout the community are indicating that the Post Office will close due to maintenance concerns about the building.  These are rumors.  We want facts.