M.L. King Jr. Weekend at Ebenezer Baptist Church


All across the country, there are events and service projects to celebrate the M.L. King, Jr. three day weekend.  Among those   celebrations were words to depict how Dr. King’s dream is still needed in today’s political climate.  These words were from remarks made by San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who is visiting Atlanta this weekend.


In her emotional remarks today at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Mayor Cruz described how difficult it is for Puerto Rican residents to function without electricity/lights for over 100 days and how devastating it is for even those who need chemotherapy, dialysis, or other critical medicine or medical care.


Nonetheless, the resilience of the people is remarkable.  She went on to say they really ‘need more than paper towels thrown at them…we are all brothers and sisters who need each other to survive natural disasters and the challenging aftermath’.

Pastor Warnock’s “off the chain” sermon was entitled, “In Times Like These”.  He told us in his usual picturesque, intellectual and prophetic tone said “There is too much division or not enough vision.  Don’t let politics get on the way of vision.  Warnock spoke of the “volcanic eruption of hate speech from the White House… Then the ‘same dude’ issued a proclamation for Dr. MLKing Jr. without an apology, so that’s hypocrisy MLKing Jr. And, he gave us a call to action to do three things to get out of this situation:

1) Listen for the call

2) Lift up the call

3) Live in the commitment

For details and to get the entire powerful sermon on DVD or CD, visit ebenezeratl.org or call (404) 688-7300.

Tomorrow’s M.L. King Jr. Day festivities include:

1) the King Annual program with international social justice speakers at Ebenezer Baptist Church at 10am on Monday, January 15, the King National Holiday,

2) The MLKing Jr. Parade that steps off in front of the church right after the King program about 1:30pm.

In the above photo, left, Ebenezer Pastor Raphael G. Warnock looks on as Mayor Cruz gives remarks to the capacity crowd at the 11:30am service.