Vote Early or on Tuesday May 22

Tomorrow, May 12th is statewide Saturday Voting day in Georgia!

Voting in the Primary Election is very important and will help to decide who will represent Georgia Democrats at the general election in November. If you haven’t already cast your early ballot in this primary election, now is your chance!
The Georgia My Voter Page has access to all of the information that you need to know before you cast your primary ballot.

Make sure you #KnowBeforeYouGo and use this site to find your Early Vote polling location and times, and also preview your sample ballot. Commit to vote tomorrow and together we can change public policy in Georgia!.

Google “Georgia My Voter page”, or visit

While on that site, please view, print and research your “sample ballot”.  Please take
your sample ballot with you to vote so you do not have to memorize candidate names.
If you have applied to vote by absentee ballot, make sure to mail your completed ballot back to your county election office by Friday, May 18th.

If you have any questions or problems while voting on Saturday or any time through election day, you can call the Voter Protection Hotline at 888-730-5816. We are here to help.

Early Vote tomorrow or on Tuesday, May 22.

(Tweaked from an email I received earlier today from the GA Democratic Party.)

Students “March for Our Lives” Across the U.S.

With school shootings happening  across the U.S., today many student led marches numbered in the 10s of thousands.  Here are pictures from our Atlanta march.

With so many people out, hundreds of volunteers  were on hand to register and help voters update their voter information in preparation for Georgia’s March 22nd primary elections.


Volunteers were from over a dozen non-profit organizations that included:  The People’s Agenda, 9 to 5, GALEO, and the Atlanta Urban League.

The deadline to register to vote for Georgia’s May 22nd primary election is April 24th.  Georgia’s general election is Nov . 6.   To register to vote online, change your address, and to get your sample ballot, visit:



“Georgia My Voter Page
Voter registration status; Mail-In application and ballot status; Poll location; Early voting locations; elected Officials; registration information on file with the county office; a Sample Ballot” and more!!

Printing your sample ballot will allow you to see and study your ballot BEFORE you vote. Take it to the polls with you so you can vote the entire ballot!!