University of GA, Not Just Football

As the University of Georgia (UGA) begins to cope with its’ last minute loss to the University of Alabama (UA), we should all note that today we should remember another important historical event.  On this day in 1961:

“Mobs of white students riot and school officials suspend Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes after they became the first Black students to integrate the University of Georgia.”

Charlayne is now, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, an award winning journalist who has worked for several media outlets including: The New Yorker magazine, The New York Times newspaper, National Public Radio (NPR), and CNN.  She is the author of “To The Mountaintop”.  She currently lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and periodically visits the U.S.

About a year ago, Charlayne and her husband visited UGA to announce a donation to the school to fund scholarships for journalism majors. What a way to give back!!

Hamilton Holmes, M.D. became a podiatrist and died in Atlanta in his early fifties.

While many spent time talking about how important the UGA-UA game was to metro Atlanta.  Let us know that UGA is known for more than just football.  Yes. They made it to the National College Football game.  Many will remember the names of the players on both teams.  UGA also has an important place in history for the state of Georgia and the nation in the integration of the school on January 9, 1961.

Many will remember the names of the players on both teams. How many know about Hunter-Gault and Holmes??  Let’s talk about and remember them for making history and making a way for Black students and made it possible for Black student athletes to attend UGA, UA and universities across the nation.


Quoted Source:  Equal Justice Initiative 2018 calendar. To get yours, visit: