Sweet Auburn Festival 2018


Standing on Auburn Avenue looking north at the huge crowd on Hilliard Avenue at the Sweet Auburn Avenue Spring Festival.

Thousands packed the Annual Sweet Auburn Spring Festival despite the 90 degree heat.

There was delicious healthy and unhealthy food.  Everything from huge turkey legs, barbecue chicken, rum cakes, lobster tails, fish and french fries.  For those more health conscious, there was vegan barbecue, vegan mac & cheese, kale salad and rice.


This delicious vegan meal was quickly consumed by all who stopped at the booth of a nationally known vegan cook.

Our voter registration team registered voters and gave information on how to get a copy of their “sample ballot”.  With over 15 items on the primary ballot, voters need to do research to know who the best candidates before they vote.


Our voter registration team takes a quick break, while tryiing to look cool in the 90+ degree heat at Sweet Auburn Festival.

Great Tasting Food That’s Good for You


For several years, I have been searching for restaurants, farmer’s markets, and grocers that have healthy food that taste great.  Because I know that we are what we eat, I started this search knowing it would be a challenge.  Over the past seven or so years, several grocery stores have added healthy food sections, over priced alkaline water and organic selections.  Even Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Sevananda do not satisfy my search.

I was surprised at the high prices at the fresh produce market at the Five Points   MARTA station.  With a different set of vendors at the West End MARTA station, the prices are much more affordable.

For days that I simply do not have time to cook, I need to find good food that is not fried, vegan food that tastes good and is kind to my wallet.


Online and word of mouth searches were painfully slow.  However, I had to persist.  Even on days like yesterday, when I came frustratedly close to going to a drive-through window for chicken fingers.  Just as I stopped at the traffic light at Fairburn Road and Campbellton Road, I saw a restaurant.  Then, I remembered the owner attending an NPU meeting several months ago and inviting us to try his recently opened, Sadiq’s Bistro.  The next thing I knew, my car was pulling into the parking lot.  As I walked in, I was greeted by a nice setting and a warm smile from the waitress.

While browsing the menu, I almost fell off my stool.  To my amazement, most of their entrees are vegan.  Wow!  I did not remember the owner saying they had vegan food.  After ordering the fish bowl with five vegan items, I could not wait to get home to try it.  After taking one bite, my taste buds were immediately excited.  It was simply delicious!!


So, I invite you to try Sadiq’s Bistro for delicious food that is good for you.  Open seven days a week, be sure to go by soon.  Here is the link: