Pastor Greg Laurie Denounces Racists Acts


TBN Pastor Greg Laurie denounces racism, bigotry and hateful acts of people and those that occurred in Charlottesville, VA during a live JUICE TV sermon tonight.

Several political pundits have asked, “What are white ministers saying to their congregation about the increased amount of:  racist acts, hate crime, bigotry, and senseless acts of violence that includes white officers killing unarmed Black men.

Earlier in the week, on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said he visited Black churches on Sunday to talk about the tragedy in Charlottesville, Sybil Wills asked him, “What about white churches?”  The governor, bless his heart, did not answer the question.

Well, time will tell if Pastors line up behind Pastor Greg and speak out against these senseless acts of violence.  Otherwise America will continue to drift away from: equal justice under the law, all men are created equal, land of the free and home of the brave; and the place where people can live in peace while having compassion for each other.

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