Greenbriar Organic Mobile Market


Real food that is good for you at great prices. All in Southwest Atlanta, the S.W.A.T!  Green4Life, owned by Lee and Gertrude Muhammad, brings us organic,  locally grown, seasonal produce and herbs.




Drop by Greenbriar Mall’s north parking lot (beside GA Hwy 166) and stock up or get the delicious teas or herbs. It is worth your time on any Saturday (Except July 7), weather permitting.







How the Amazon Purchase of Whole Foods Affects You

Whether you shop at a Whole Foods or not, what Amazon is about to do with its’ newly acquired 500 plus stores affects you.  According to Melody Hobson of Ariel Capital Management and the TJMS “Money Monday’s” segment (on Atlanta’s KISS 104.1 FM), these 500 stores are located in America’s riches zip codes.  That combined with its’ five million Amazon Prime customers gives it leverage to change the grocery store business and affect how and where you shop.

Cincinnati based Kroger recently lowered their grocery prices and eliminated their 5%  senior discount on Wednesdays.  In an all out price war with Walmart, Kroger is not satisfied with their 9% market share.  Being the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart has 20% of the grocery market.

Here is the link for Melody’s segment about Amazon.  It will broaden your vision on how Amazon is aggressively increasing their market share and changing how we buy everything.  Now they are focusing on groceries which will affect the entire industry:

Money Mondays: How Amazon Just Made Groceries A ‘Whole’ Lot Cheaper


Taste Good and Good for You


Eating good food is imperative to how you look and feel.  While only a small percentage of the population is has a high metabolism and can eat anything without gaining weight, most of us have to watch what we eat.  If not, it will cause devastating consequences.

I love to eat. And I have figured out how to avoid most food fast and get healthy food fast.  One of my favorite places to indulge is at the euro-styled Metro Fresh restaurant at 931 Monroe Drive, Atlanta across the parking lot from Trader Joe’s. The photos above were some of today’s delicious dishes.

I usually get the three item special with a multigrain roll.  My favorite dish there is the Thai Peanut Veggie Trail Salad.  Since the menu changes every day, it is best to check the menu if you want to know what  treat you are going to enjoy in advance.  Metro Fresh post their menu daily by 6am. Often, I simply go without checking online, eager to try  new dishes. I have yet to be disappointed!!

So it is critical that we give our best efforts to eat healthy and seek out the healthy food restaurants and healthier foods in our grocery stores.  If you are not healthy, you cannot fight against wrongdoings, or on behalf of your children, grand children, other family members, or friends.

We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat”.  It is true!!  So what did you eat today?  Did you plan it?  Or, do you simply grab whatever??