Spectacular Solar Eclipse Photos



In case you missed the total solar Eclipse today, be sure to put the next one, in 2045, on your calendar.

Above are the photos from the viewing at Georgia State University downtown across the street from Woodruff Park. With the explanations from  GSU Professor John Wilson, a physicist, and several GSU PhD students; the large crowd was able to understand the Eclipse and why we did not experience total darkness.


The eclipse viewing was FUN and informative!! Everyone around me was sharing their eclipse glasses so others could get the full viewing experience.

Please Repair the MARTA Escalators


Daily riders wonder how long they will have to wait for MARTA to repair this escalator at its’ Oakland City station.  Down for at least four days, this is unexceptionable.

In four days, surely it can get it repaired!  In talking to the MARTA police officer, she says “it may be down for a while.”


Now 10 minutes later, upon arrival at the Five Points station, the escalator to the East bound platform is not working.  Hmmm!  What is this all about??

Does anyone know if this is standard operating procedures for MARTA’s escalators to be out for days at at time?

When you see escalators out of service, do you call MARTA customer service or go online to report the problem??