Turtle Crossing the Road


On Cascade Road, right across from the Bob White Golf Course, a turtle has gone over three quarters of the way across the street.  Because he is so big, I saw him and was able to avoid hitting him.

As I continued to drive to my destination, I started thinking about how a distracted driver may not see the turtle.  Three blocks later, I find myself turning around to go help him get to the “other side” alive. With a golf club in my trunk, I thought I would push him to the curb.  I quickly snapped a photo, retrieved my golf club and ready to help this turtle get safely on his way.  However, as I headed across the street, I see that one of the recent motorists had done the unthinkable…run over him.  In less than five minutes, some careless, probably distracted driver ran over the turtle. Oh my God!!  I was crushed!!

This is yet another reason drivers should keep their eyes on the road.  This turtle was so big, it would have been like running over a Volkswagen tire.  I am distraught over this. Then I had to remind myself that some drivers are so distracted that they cannot see pedestrians who are legally crossing in a crosswalk.


More Irma Photos


It is still amazing to see all the traces and reminders of how blessed we are that Irma, though terrible Tropical Storm, was polite on Georgia when compared to Florida and many islands.

In the photos above, this huge tree fell “away from” three houses and instead blocked two driveways.  The branches that blocked the street for four days have been removed.  And the half dozen power poles that snapped when caught in the path have been replaced.


Power crews are still working long shifts to replace poles and lines six days after Irma across metro Atlanta and the state.


As tree branches above wait for removal, they cover most of the front lawns on this quiet street, Central Villa Road, just off Cascade Road in West Atlanta.