Turtle Crossing the Road


On Cascade Road, right across from the Bob White Golf Course, a turtle has gone over three quarters of the way across the street.  Because he is so big, I saw him and was able to avoid hitting him.

As I continued to drive to my destination, I started thinking about how a distracted driver may not see the turtle.  Three blocks later, I find myself turning around to go help him get to the “other side” alive. With a golf club in my trunk, I thought I would push him to the curb.  I quickly snapped a photo, retrieved my golf club and ready to help this turtle get safely on his way.  However, as I headed across the street, I see that one of the recent motorists had done the unthinkable…run over him.  In less than five minutes, some careless, probably distracted driver ran over the turtle. Oh my God!!  I was crushed!!

This is yet another reason drivers should keep their eyes on the road.  This turtle was so big, it would have been like running over a Volkswagen tire.  I am distraught over this. Then I had to remind myself that some drivers are so distracted that they cannot see pedestrians who are legally crossing in a crosswalk.


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