Support 2nd Chance Legislation


The Georgia Justice Project needs you to move to action to help give people with certain convictions a second chance.  This is your chance to impact legislation.  See the information below, contact the committee members and pass this on.  We can make an impact when we make our voices heard.


HB 981 Action Alert
Ask Lawmakers to Support Second Chances for People with Records

What: HB 981 would limit public access to certain convictions, which would remove barriers to employment and housing for many Georgians.

Action: Call or email House Judiciary Non-Civil members listed below and express your strong support for HB 981. The bill needs to be passed by the House before Crossover Day, February 28th, in order to move to the Senate.

Message (this is a template, but modify as you see fit!):


As a concerned Georgian, I ask that you support HB 981. It is time for Georgia to follow in other states’ footsteps and allow certain past convictions to be limited from public view. Research demonstrates that this measure increases job opportunities, boosts our economy, and increases public safety.

Please support HB 981 – it is critical for our state.

Thank you for your time and your consideration,

[Your Name]

How: Contact as many committee members as possible to express your strong support for HB 981. The red names below are the priority contacts and the bolded names are the other members of concern. We recommend making a phone call and sending an email with the text above to follow up, but one or the other is also very valuable!

House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee
Chairman Rich Golick 404.656.5943
Bert Reeves 404.656.0298
Micah Gravley 404.656.0152
Mandi L. Ballinger 404.656.5105
William Boddie 404.656.0109
Christian Coomer 404.656.5024
Sharon Cooper 404.656.5069
Pam Dickerson 404.656.0314
Deborah Gonzalez 404.656.0220
Dar’shun Kendrick 404.656.0116
Betty Price 404.656.0202
Ed Setzler 404.656.7857
Deborah Silcox 404.656.0109
Robert Trammell 404.656.5058
Wendell Willard 404.656.5125
Why: Check out this factsheet to learn about the impact of legislation limiting public access to certain convictions and how Georgia compares to other states.

To maximize your influence, contact as many members as you are able, as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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