Google-SCORE Marketing Workshop at Epic Center



Once I entered the Riverside Epic Center, this beautiful Christmas tree caught my eye.  It was very inviting on a this cold 38 degree day as I arrived for the Google-SCORE workshop. The workshop was sponsored by Google and the Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE)  It was called:


For anyone who has an online presence, I highly recommend this workshop.  It was lively and exciting as it enlighten the audience of about forty people.  It taught us how to:

– target customers

– determine which social media platforms work best for various types of businesses and why.

– make sure our websites are functional and as effective as they need to be.

– improve your social media presence

The information shared at this workshop is invaluable.  This FREE workshop, Choosing Keywords to Maximize Content  far exceeded my expectations!  A million thanks to the workshop presenters Demming Bass and Mia Martin. Demming is Google’s Get Your Business Online National Speaker.  Mia is CEO at Modern Créatif and SCORE Atlanta Director of Marketing.

SCORE has been helping small business owners for more than fifty years.  For more information about the numerous SCORE mentors and workshops in your area (locally or nationally), visit:

The Riverside Epic Center in Austell, Georgia is about than ten miles west of Atlanta.  It is part of the Word of Faith Ministries.  For more information on this beautiful facility, visit:


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