Atlanta Snow and Ice Slows Travel


Whether you are traveling in or through Atlanta, the first snow of the season has slowed everyone down.  Travel by plane, train, bus, and car have all been affected. As commuters, we simply need to pack our patience.

However, the best possible thing to do is stay off the roads; especially at night when the temperature dips below freezing and it is impossible to see most downed trees and power lines. Over 80,000 residents across north Georgia are still without power.


Today, as I was driving down Collier Drive (near Larchmont Drive) in northwest Atlanta, I encountered a huge tree that blocked the road. Though cautiously going the posted 30 mph, it shocked me to see the tree across the road.

As I turned around to take another route, I stopped on the side of the road to honk to warn drivers of the danger ahead.  And, I asked them to call 911.  Since this is Collier Heights, and the squeaky wheel gets the oil, I knew it would take more than my call to 911 to get a crew out to remove the tree before nightfall. It was already 4:40pm.

One driver, after she made the u-turn stopped to say since she could not see the tree, she did not believe me.  Yet, she wanted to thank me because she had decreased her speed.

Later on WSB TV2, it is apparent that our 911 calls made a difference. The 11pm news showed fire fighters and (what appeared to be) another crew of men with chain saws cutting and removing the huge tree piece by piece.  Thanks to all who called 911.  Together we made sure no one got hurt by plowing into the tree when it became too dark to see it.


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