Extreme Case of Child Abuse

Thanks to the teachers who saw bruises and reported this to authorities.  However, I have so many questions about this inhumane treatment that Angela Strothers helped impose on her own child:  Why did it take so long for them to notice?  How this this precious child survive for so long?

Also, where are the relatives of this 13 year old who has been grossly abused since at least 2014?

How can a mother do this to her own child?  How can any human being do this to a helpless child?

Here is the full news story from Atlanta’s WSB-TV:


We have to be diligent about protecting our precious children.  Perhaps we need to pay more attention to them so they do  it have to suffer for so long or die.  It is obvious this young lady has suffered tremendous mental, physical and psychological paid.  I pray she get the help and a loving family to help her heal.


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