Watershed’s Calvary Success



When you cannot flush your toilet, it is a BIG deal. Big enough to cause terrible stress and anxiety.  So, when I had a problem flushing despite all new sewer pipes that were installed less than two years ago, I knew I had to call in the City of Atlanta’s Watershed Calvary* to come up with a quick resolution.

Well, in less than four hours of accessing an extremely complicated sewer blockage the Watershed team and equipment directed by twenty-plus year veteran and Atlanta native Danny Mathis left with myself and all neighborS being able to flush their toilets.

This resolution was a team effort that started with my call to our neighborhood planning unit representative, Billy Lundsford, yesterday.  He reminded me that this request had to be initiated with a call to 311 to get a service request number.  From that call to 311, the wheels  started turning and the process worked.

From the bottom of a grateful heart, I know words are not enough to express my gratitude. However, I say thank you to Mathis crew for allowing me to once again experience the joy of flushing. 🙂

The Watershed team was so good, it was like the Calvary* showing up.  So, I call them the Watershed Calvary.  I hope if you ever experience a problem flushing, I hope you have a “Calvary” to call.

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