Metro ATL Still Recovering from Irma





A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are several pics taken after Irma left a trail of destruction across Metro Atlanta and Georgia.  It is a collection of pictures taken by myself and friends as we realize we were merely inconvenienced being without power for two to five days.

These four pics are from Cecelia in West End. The tree fell away from the house!!

Above:  A City of Atlanta crew works to repair traffic signals and street signs damaged by Irmas high winds at Campbellton Road and Geeenbriar Parkway.


Above:  Power station at Campbellton Rd. and Mt. Gilead “looks” as if it should be up and running. Yet area residents within a 20 block radius have been in the dark for 3-4 days.


Above: Branches from fallen tree partially covers backyard deck at home on M.L.King Jr. Drive, a couple blocks from Mosely Park.


In the islands and across Florida, tens of thousands of residents have lost everything and have no place to go.  Yes.  As we pray for them, we are grateful.  And we will not complain.

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