GA State Troopers Help Homeless Man

We hear so many horror stories about how law enforcement handles homeless people when they encounter them, I am excited to report that GA State Troopers helped a homeless man.

When this unidentified man appeared to need help when he came to the Georgia State Capitol, they called social services workers.  In the midst of all the negative things going on across our city, state and nation, I spoke to the Troopers afterwards to thank them for their act of kindness. So often I have seen homeless people being arrested and sent to jail when businesses and law enforcement encounter them.

So, thank you GA State Troopers for doing the right thing!! 👏🏽

In the photos above, on the left. The lady in the tan blouse and the man in the short sleeved shirt are the social workers.  To the right, the homeless man is sitting on the window seal.

The Troopers called the Georgia Crisis & Access Line.  See the card below.  Store the number in your phone and share it on your social media.  You can use it to help anyone you know or notice who needs help.  It is a “win-win” for the community and the individual.



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