Ben Hill Post Office


This picture of our beloved Ben Hill Post Office, at 2260 Fairburn Road in souhwest Atlanta, was taken on July 9, 2017. Earlier today, it still looks the same.  It is totally unacceptable for this window to remain boarded up!!

So how long does it take to replace a U.S. Post Office window after a car drives through it??  When will it be replaced?  Why won’t Congressman John Lewis’ staff return phone calls after a month of voice mail messages have been left and  emails have not been acknowledged?  Why won’t this station’s Postmaster return calls?

Anyone who knows and understands the “broken window syndrome” knows that this broken window is a bad sign in an otherwise decent neighborhood.

Do Post Offices across the city and state have the same delayed and ignored responses when their community leaders make inquiries?

We need answers as rumors throughout the community are indicating that the Post Office will close due to maintenance concerns about the building.  These are rumors.  We want facts.

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