High Blood Pressure is Too Common

According to a news report today, 45% of African Americans have high blood pressure.  That is higher than any other race.  That is unacceptable because health is wealth!  A good quality of life is priceless because it allows lots of independence.

On the other hand, a poor quality of life makes you dependent on: 1) precription medicine, 2) people to take you to the doctor and 3) people to help you when your blood pressure is so high you cannnot do things for yourself.

“You are what you eat!”  Yet, most people make excuses for having poor eating habits.  Case in point:  This morning, while I waited to buy a bowl of grits, I heard a lady say to her friend, ” I am not going to get bacon, a biscuit or anything fattening. I am going to get some oatmeal.”  I look over at her two minutes later and see her piling heaping spoons of brown sugar on her oatmeal and one spoon of fruit.  So what is healthy about that I asked.  She replied she cannot eat it without lots of sugar.  Hmmmm.  She really thinks that is okay.  I smiled and thought to myself, If she is not diabetic, she may be soon.  Especially if she also puts excessive amounts of sugar on other foods and drinks lots of sweet tea or soft drinks.

It is poor food choices, too much salt, sugar, fake food and lack of exercise that is making people sick and obese.  About 33% of U.S. Adults are obese.   While a few people are genetically predisposed to some illness, many others are not. Our poor food choices and sedentary is shortening our life expectancy or causing us to live and be miserable.

There is so much information online and on Ele vision about how to eat better, walking and other exercises. Uber will deliver healthy meals (and unhealthy meals).  Several companies like Nlue Apron. have emerged that prepare healthy meals and deliver them.  Grocery stores like While Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts and some Kroger stores have a section of prepared salads, deli meals, etc. prepackaged daily as “grab and go” meals.

There is no excuse in this day and age of information at our fingertips, online and on television, where we have unlimited access to the information we need. And, the only way for African Americans to significantly decrease the 45% is for us to: 1) stop making excuses, 2) develop a realistic eating and exercise plan that is sustainable, and 3) realize when we die prematurely due to our own foolish choices and say, I’m going to die of something; we realize that is a selfish reply.  Unless you live under a rock, your poor health affects your friends and family more than you know.  They have to change their schedules constantly when a person’s blood pressure soars and has to periodically be hospitalized.  When obese people suffer from all kinds of illnesses from the complications of carrying excess weight (50 plus pounds). Some of those illnesses include:  high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes,!diabetes, cancer, and respiratory problems.

So if you, someone in your family, or in your circle of influence is 50+ pounds overweight, they can get help if they really want it. If they fail, encourage them to try again.  Also, over the past 20 years, more people have made a plan to get healthy with a friend to walk or team up with friends who work/train together.  The tv show “The Biggest Looser” and  shows that showcase fitness competitions are popular as team members encourage each other to keep going despite big challenges.

Since health care professionals promote losing weight as a good way to lower blood pressure and improve overall health, why not get started or help someone you know get started TODAY!



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