Atlanta’s AJC Peachtree Road Race


11152GA State Senator Michael “Doc” Rhett, Center, with friends at the Peachtree Road Race Finish Line. (Photo from Rhett)

With more than 60,000 runners braving the humidity and occasional rain, Atlanta’s 48th Peachtree Road Race is more than your typical 10K.  While I am not a runner, I look forward to supporting my friends who participate and watching the race on 11Alive TV.

Conveniently in front of Piedmont Hospital, “cardiac hill” slows runners, yet does not stop them.  By watching on TV, I get to see profiles of participants that includes emotional stories that reveal the heart of determined people who set this BIG goal.  From amateurs to professionals, to wheelchair bound, to corporate teams, to groups of friends; people come from all over the world to accept Atlanta’s famed July 4th challenge.  Two stories that were particularly moving were about two women who beat depression by running.  It is amazing when people can find relief from their mental challenges through healthy physical activity rather than through medication…drugs.  Both women gained mental clarity, lost weight, feel better overall and credit running saved their lives.

For the AJC Peachtree Road Race list of winners use the link below or Google “Peachtree Road Race Winners 2017”.



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