Low Performing Charter Schools in Georgia

There are some who believe that all charter schools are high performing and all public schools are low performing. Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, there are miserably failing schools in both categories and extremely successful schools in both categories.  So, do not make blanket statements.  Instead, do your homework AND:

1) Support your local school to insure its’ success:  Volunteer, tutor, donate school supplies or money, etc. The more you do to help kids in your community, the safer it becomes.

2) “Google” your local school board members to see how they vote on issues you care about. Then discuss your findings and/or ask questions on social media and you will learn even more.

3) Watch your local school board meeting on your local public access channel (in most areas).  Or, attend your local school board meeting at least once a year to meet the members and see what is going on.

We pay the salaries of school board members and all elected officials.  Therefore, we need to know what our elected officials are doing, hold them accountable, and vote them out when they do not act in our best interest(s).  Doing these things will allow you to know who to vote for in the next election when the school board members are up for election.  This is how you will know who should get your vote.

Below is a link to a popular Atlanta Journal Constitution article that is questioning why some of Georgia’s low performing charter schools are still open.  After reading the article, be sure to give your thoughts or comments.


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