Pain Medicine

Since I have had three surgeries on my left knee and now one, last month, on my right knee;  that resulted in a lot of knee pain and there was some pain medicine involved.

So, from the 1990’s until now, like many other surgery patients, I have successfully managed the excruciating pain from the initial injury while playing team tennis to several post surgery recoveries.  So why is it that some get addicted to their prescription pain meds and others do not? This became the subject of a debate I had with a friend who questioned why a surgeon would give pain medicine for 40 pills when the follow-up appointment was in seven days.  This personal thought 10 pills would be enough after major surgery.

Many of us have heard of people who become addicted to prescription pain meds.  From celebrities to family members to friends, the problem has become epidemic.  Are some people more likely to become addicted to pain meds than others?  Of course.  Who are those people? Could you be at high risk of becoming addicted?  How would you know?

These are all good questions.  You might want to do some research and talk with your primary care or internal medicine doctor for yourself and family members.

About ten years ago, a friend of mine, Pami was having severe migraine headaches.  After numerous trips to the emergency room, the doctors accused her of trying to get pain medicine since they could not find the source of her migraines.  Well, several months later, Pami was diagnosed with brain cancer.  So, what is the moral of that story?   Not sure.  How do you tell who is trying to get  pain meds because they are addicted from those who simply need the correct diagnosis??  It is complicated.  It is also complicated for a doctor to determine how much of any pain medicine  each person/patient will need until after they have tried one or more or are allergic to the drug or any of its’ ingredients.

What are your thoughts about the alarming increase in local and national opioid (pain medicine) addictions?

Have you ever been addicted to pain medicine?

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