Knee Replacement Surgery – Day 14

One step forward, two steps back.  Over the past couple days, that what seems to be going on with me on pain management and controlling the swelling. With more swelling, more ice is required.  That also means less time to do my exercises.  Some days the pain medicine won’t let me stay awake. Whether inon the phone, reading, or checking email.  I sometimes fall asleep sitting up with phone in my hand.

With temperatures in the high 60’snand just a little rain, I put on makeup and💄 As I prepare to go to my orthopedic surgeon.  It is my first timenournofnthe house since I came home from the hospital.  Jean, my Mary Kay sister took me to doctor. I got a ride back from Mary my EBC Usher Board sister.  Her appointment with same doctor was right after mine.  On both occasions, I rode in the back seat so I could put an ice pack on my knee.  And, that decreased the pain and amount of time my leg throbbed from hanging down.

There were several “pinches” felt as the P.A. removed the surgical covering and removed the staples.  There must have been twenty five or thirty of them.  Whew! Some relief after removing them and placing surgical tape strips over the incision site.

My doctor’s recommendation is to stop home physical therapy and to start outpatient surgery tomorrow.  He wants more time and variety of excercises to get on track for my knee to bend more.

My doctor also said I am to stop using the knee motion machine and pressure cuffs on my calves over night. This changes my original plan that he suggested (before surgery).  So, I am good with any changes that allow me to get my “knee stroll” back as I lose the pain.

It is what it is and I cannot wait to get on the other side of my knee rehabilitation. Please send your healing prayers my way.  Thanks!!



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