Knee Replacement Surgery – Day 11

Another nice day outside.  Thanks to an NPU community leader, that I called to ask about improving the lighting outside a local  post office, I got my package and mail from my P.O. Box today. Yay!

I received a dozen “get well” cards.  I treasure each one of them and the special hand written notes scribbled inside each of them.

Because the post office closes at 5pm during the week and 1pm on Saturdays, it is hard to find someone to pick up my package for me. Most people I know work and cannot get there before the post office closes.

One of my neighbors called to say she was going to Kroger and she wanted to know if I needed anything.  I got spinach, blue berries, and pears.  So, for a second time, I got to go to the door to experience the nice weather…but only for a moment. How grateful I am for the opportunity.  Standing too long results in more swelling, throbbing and pain.

For much of the day, I continued to do my physical therapy exercises and track my  numbers between sleeping on and off.  I am so glad that the way the “knee motion machine” works, it does not matter if I fall asleep.  It is very gentle, continues to work and allows me to get in 6-7 hours most days.  The exception is when there is too much swelling. That changes everything!!



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