Knee Replacement Surgery – Day 10

It has been over a week since my total knee replacement surgery.


It appears that I am sleeping away the time…And, that never sits well with Type A’s, as myself, who prefer to be “in charge”.  For the past few days, I have been desperately trying to develop a schedule.  Ha ha!!  That is a joke!!

When I’m awake, I try to focus.  That usually lasts for….Hmmm…each time is different.  Just have to take it day by day and hour by hour.  It is truly humbling.

I want to publicly say “thanks” to all my family, friends, church members, and neighbors who are pitching in with prayers, errands, encouragement and more.  I am grateful to have so many kind and caring people in “my  village”.

As I am looking at the time, and trying not to nod off, I realize my home physical therapist will be here later.  That means I have to get my next group of  exercises done BEFORE she arrives.

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

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