Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

IMG_0142.JPGJust as many of us are excited that 2016 is behind us, we are more excited as we look to the new year of 2017 with high hopes and expectations.  It is always good to list what we expect from the new year, review monthly, adjust and keep pushing forward.

Life is always filled with unexpected twists and turns even with the best plans.  Therefore, we need to expect challenges and regroup when they occur.  In the words of Mary Kay Ash, a very wise woman and successful entrepreneur, “When things come up, don’t change the goal, change the date.”  Wow!  Now we have permission to shake off our frustration and simply set a new date to accomplish our goal(s).

‘Most people do not plan to fail, they fail to plan.’  So, write down your 2017 goals and get to work to get them accomplished.  Time will past whether you have a plan and a purpose for this new year or not.

In addition, most of us get more done and are more effective and efficient when we have a list.  Case in point, a grocery list is a “must have” when grocery shopping. Write it down. Whether you use pin and paper or the note feature on your phone. Please!  Write it down and use your list.

Now let’s get moving and make 2017 your most productive and exciting year ever!!

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