Georgia Democrats…Wake Up!

Erica Pines

Below is the speech given by Erica Pines, Chair of the Fulton County Democratic Party and Delegate to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.  She gave this speech to the Georgia Democratic Delegation before they went to the conference in Philadelphia.

Greetings Georgia Democrats,

As we head into Philly, let’s be mindful of the history of our state, the current political climate of our state and also the greatness that is and could be in this beautiful state of ours.

As we aim to work hard to place Georgia into “play” this election cycle, we must demonstrate to the DNC, political factions and most importantly those that elect us to serve that we are no longer the antebellum south but are indeed a state looking forward not backwards.

It saddens me that heading into the convention we are still short in many of our diversity goals. In particular, our own data tells us that over 65% of the Democratic voters in Georgia are African American which is a Super Majority! Yet our Delegation is still short 20 African Americans of the suggested DNC goal. African American women are the largest voting bloc in this state and vote Democrat 98% of the time, therefore, I urge you to elect former Mayor Shirley Franklin to Chair our delegation.

It would be befitting of this state to have the first black female to be elected mayor of a major Southern city represent us in Philly as we place the first woman in the history of United States to lead the presidential ticket of a major political party.

Mayor Franklin stood with the Democratic Party of Georgia through the best of times and the worst of times. She’s chaired the Coordinated Campaign where she and her now deceased son worked hard to elect Democrats from the top to the bottom of the ticket. She’s been chosen by the DNC to co-chair the Platform Committee to ensure that all Democrats have their voices heard during the process. She is also Chair of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and in 2006, The White House Project named Shirley Franklin one of its “8 in ’08”, a group of eight female politicians who could possibly run and be elected president.

Mr. Chairman, please allow someone from the largest voting bloc of our party represent our great state.

Georgia Delegation, Let’s stand on the podium with HER! Elect former Mayor Shirley Franklin as Chair of our Delegation!!

Thank you Erica Pines

Immediately after Erica gave this incredible speech, Representatives Stacey Abrams and Calvin Smyre called Mayor Franklin and encouraged her to step down.  Hmmm!  Hmmm!

Why is it that we have to always do what we have always done?  Change is good. Why would Georgia not encourage and allow those who have given the most to serve in this important position?  Why are we settling for the status quo?

Thank you Erica for stepping up and giving a stale situation a fresh outlook.  Thank you for your courage to not go along to get along.  You are not a troublemaker as you were told.  You are standing on the shoulders of Fannie Lou Hamer !



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