“Don’t Boo, Vote!!”

5799870c01e27_372233bWith just 73 days left until the November 8 Presidential election, we need to focus on the following:
1) making sure you, your family members, friends, and everyone who you care about is registered to vote or change their address online (if they have moved) at http://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov

2) sharing HOW to get a Sample Ballot so they can see, study, and discuss the 20 items appearing on Georgia ballots in all 159 counties. Print copies from “My Voter Page” for those who are internet challenged.

3) Sharing this info on all your social media platforms and start an ongoing discussion around voting on a daily or weekly basis.

4) Checking your voter status and polling location online.  This makes sure your information is correct and if your polling location or early voting location has changed, you will know in advance.

If we hold regular discussions over the next 73 days, more people will feel more confident about when, why, and HOW to vote. Take a copy of your Sample Ballot to the polls with you in November.

Regardless of what the media says about the candidates, you need to focus on voting.  In the words of President Barack Obama, “Don’t boo, vote!”.  Make sure you have a plan to vote early and get your friends and family to do the same. Too many things can happen on election day to keep you from getting to the polls. Besides, voting early is less stressful…no drama, no lines, and no waiting!

One thing I know for sure: Voting for President and not voting all the way down the ballot is like taking the quarterback to the game and leaving the other 10 players. No matter how great the quarterback, he cannot win without the 10 other players on the field!! So, vote all the way down the ballot!!

The deadline to register or change your address in Georgia is October 11.  For any voter questions, call the Secretary of State at 404-656-2871. Or, call The Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda.

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