“Forever Verizon Customer”

verizon-wireless-logoI have been with Verizon Wireless “forever” and I am sooo excited! I have had my new iPhone 6s for two days and it is such a great feeling to have finally traded in the phone I have had since early 2012. Several functions on my previous phone no longer worked. Or, worked “whenever”. It drove me crazy.

Being out of contract with Verizon for about two years, I diligently checked other wireless companies to make sure I get the best deal. However, each time, I found myself realizing there is no reason to switch from Verizon. You see I have never switched wireless carriers my entire life of owning a cell phone. (Verizon bought my original carrier, Cellular One 14 years ago.).

From a service standpoint, no one has more reliable service (the best coverage), such competent and courteous staff on the phone and in the store, or better customer service than Verizon. Over the years, from lost phones to damaged phones, Verizon has been outstanding. Whether I was out of town, going out of the country, or traveling through rural New Mexico with a group and no one’s GPS worked except my VZNavigator!! Can you say that about your wireless carrier?

To my surprise, I learned that there were several offers I qualified for when I upgraded my phone and tablet. It was a amazing and significantly decreased my costs. On top of that, I signed up for their new “Thanksgetting” promo that gives 1GB of free data for two months (that is 2GB free!). THANKS Verizon for appreciating your longtime, loyal customers with customized special offers. As a “Forever Verizon Customer” (FVC), I am still satisfied and applaud you as I look forward to the same high level of service and high quality products in the future.

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