Confederate Flags at Dr. King’s Church

If the confederate battle flag were not a symbol of hate, why would someone leave several of them on the lawn of Ebenezer Baptist Church yesterday, under the cover of darkness at 1:00 a.m.?.

This is the home church of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This is my home church.  This hits very close to home for me.

If everyone who thinks there is nothing wrong with the confederate battle flag flying and its’ soldiers being honored publicly, then ask why any state or nation would honor a group who tried to overthrow their leadership?

Do you think Germany honors Hitler or flies the Nazi flag anywhere?  (Actually, I believe it is illegal to fly or display the Nazi  flag in Germany.)

If you want to get access to the power you believe you deserve, and if you are not satisfied with what is going on in your community, make a plan to get involved to help bring positive change. Those who are seasoned will welcome you when you show up.

If you want a safer neighborhood, you cannot simply call the police.  You need to help the police.  The best security in any neighborhood a nosy neighbor.  They see and hear everything!  They can really help the police solve crimes.  No matter how small the tip, it might be what is needed to solve a case or cases.

When people are bold enough to come together to work toward common goals, our neighborhoods improve. When we vote in large numbers in EVERY ELECTION and vote the entire ballot, we send a signal to politicians that we put you in, so we will “take you out” if you refuse to fully represent our interests.

When we get involved, vote and stop complaining about things, we honor Dr. King’s legacy and the efforts of our ancestors who worked and sacrificed to free us from slavery. When we work together, vote and stop complaining, we show white supremicists, skin heads and other racist hate groups that when you mess with one of us, you will have to deal with all of us.

When you leave your symbol of hate at the church of Dr. M.L. King, Jr., the man who fought for injustice for all races, these hate groups will learn they have moved to sacred ground and we will not tolerate it.  We will protect Ebenezer Baptist Church as we keep King’s dream alive!!

So, I challenge you to get involved in your neighborhood, church or other nonprofit. Take your power back by getting involved. When people decide to come together to work on positive solutions, they are amazed at what they are able to accomplish… You will be too!

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