Wearing Compression Hose in 90 Degree Heat

It will not be long until I no longer have to wear thigh high compression stockings. While they are necessary after many types of surgery to help prevent blood clots, they can me very uncomfortable during the heat wave we are currently experiencing here in Atlanta with temperatures in the low 90’s.

Also, in my search to find the right size, compression and brand, I have become a compression stocking (hose) expert. Whether searching online, at local drug stores, or at local medical supply stores, the prices are basically the same. However, it is challenging to find thigh high, the right size and compression that will actually fit comfortably and stay up. The original brand I bought before surgery were too small after surgery because of all my swelling and bruising.

So, for the first few days, I wore them, the stocking only went half way up my left thigh (my surgery leg), stopping right in the middle of one of my painful bruises. It was with a strong sense of urgency that I find the right size from a local retailer to replace these ill-fitting ones. Prior to surgery, there is no way to know how much swelling I would have. Eventually, it was the Jobst brand at “Crew Outfitters” on Virginia Avenue (across from Delta Airlines), and “The Pretty Place” across from North Lake Mall where I found the right size. While I could have bought my Jobst compression stockings online, I would have had a delay in returning them if the fit was not right.

Since my total knee replacement surgery, I have had to wear compression stockings and take aspirin to help decrease the risk of getting blood clots. It is a temporary inconvenience.  So, for now, I continue to struggle to put these stockings on daily. Yes, it takes a while to get them on because they fit tight. They are designed to fit snug.

As I faithfully attend physical therapy and exercise through the pain, I am joyfully counting down the days that I no longer have to wear these compression stockings.. Only six more days. Yeah!!

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