Days 1 & 2 – Home After Knee Surgery

Thousands of people are opting for less pain and a better quality of life by having knee replacement surgery. I weighed my options and I too choose knee surgery. The official name of my surgery is “total knee replacement”. Actually, it is a knee prosthesis where the worn edges of the thigh bone, shinbone, and backside of the kneecap are replaced.

Coming home from the hospital after learning to use a walker and raised toilet support are allowing me to start rehabilitation safely in my home. Today, Sunday, there were three pieces of medical equipment de!ivered that the doctor ordered: a CPM machine, deluxe ice pack with pump attached, and compression devices similar to what I used in the hospital.

I am excited about getting started with my home physical therapy rehab. It has been made perfectly clear to me by former patients, doctors, and those who want to share, that the key to recovery is taking my physical therapy seriously.

Despite many people having this surgery, there are many more who need it and are refusing to get it. I look forward to sharing weekly reports on my recovery. I hope it will encourage some who need total knee replacement surgery to make their decision soon to help improve their quality of life.


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