Baltimore, North Charleston… Point to Poverty and Racial Injustice

The white elephant in the room in all of these ongoing killings of unarmed Black men across America from Baltimore to L.A., from Ferguson to North Charleston, from Florida to Georgia to New York; is poverty, double standards, intimidation, and racial biases. Until we talk about and fix the underlying issues, Blacks and other minorities will continue to suffer from this and other socioeconomic injustices 300 years from now.

Here are two N.Y. Times Op Ed Columnists who list credible research findings that tell us what works to close the divide in poverty and income inequality. They also tell why most of it has not been put into practice. I think it’s sad and we should change this NOW.

A plan to change policy begins with personal responsibility that results in:
– massive voter education
– massive voter turnout
– explosive participation in community based meetings, planning & policy (at the grassroot s level)
– vetting, funding and voting for candidates who are in touch and entrenched in our neighborhoods 
– more elected officials who represent their constituents vs their own self interest
– more jobs with living wages (so less people need public assistance)
– less crime…safer neighborhoods
– more effective and efficient schools for our kids to learn (school board members that we vet & hold accountable)
– more intense tutoring programs,  Saturday Programs, and summer programs to help get our kids get on track with a better quality education
This is not rocket scientist stuff. Instead, it is about accountability, ethics and better use of our tax dollars, along with personal responsibility from people with renewed HOPE in a system that has consistently failed them in the past.

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