Who is Looting and Burning Ferguson, Missouri?

CBS news Atlanta has just confirmed that protesters went home shortly after the verdict by the Grand Jury to not try the police officer who shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown.

‘There are criminals out there looting and burning cars and businesses. It is a tragedy that people are taking advantage of an opportunity to do these criminal acts.’

The truth is that hoodlums are responsible for fires and total destruction of Ferguson businesses, not protesters.

It is also being reported that fire fighters are not able to get to these fires because it is not safe. So, where is the National Guard? Can’t they help fire fighters so these businesses can be saved?

Rev. Bernice King, daughter of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. said shortly after the verdict, “We have some difficult days ahead. We are bleeding. We have to find a way to stop the bleeding immediately.”

Let’s step up our efforts to educate and organize teams of community members to effect public policy for the short and long terms. We need to take our power back and control what happens in our neighborhoods as we track and hold our elected officials accountable all year long, not just during the election season.

What are your thoughts on the Ferguson verdict and the criminal acts of looting and burning of businesses?

From what you know so far, do you agree with how the officials handled the aftermath of the verdict? Is justice really blind? Are you willing to work consistently toward improving your neighborhood and local community? If so, when and with what organization?

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