Waiting For Ferguson Grand Jury

The nation is anxiously waiting for the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri to make a decision about the police officer who shot the unarmed teen, Michael Brown.  Civil rights leaders, ministers and President Obama has urged citizens not to resort to violence if the police officer is not charged.

Where are the pleas for the police not to shot peaceful, unarmed citizens and/or protesters and ask questions later?  Isn’t that how we got into this situation in the first place?

One news story reported that the National Guard has already been called to standby to assist the police in Ferguson. Why not install surveillance cameras in areas where protests are likely to happen so we can determine who are the real agitators and aggressors?

Despite a call for calm, groups often infiltrate peaceful demonstrations who cause chaos and start violence.  So, let’s ask law engorcement to use satellites and all available technology to identify and prosecute “the real bad guys”!

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